Podman 4.0 Arrives

Podman (the POD MANager) is a tool for managing containers and images, volumes mounted into those containers, and pods made from groups of containers. Podman is based on libpod, a library for container lifecycle management that is also contained in this repository. The libpod library provides APIs for managing containers, pods, container images, and volumes.

This release has a boatload of new features, including an extensive rewrite of the networking stack. This new work is based around Netavark, a new tool built to manage container networks. That means there are a lot of new capabilities in the Podman bag of tricks for configuring networks of containers.

This version does contain a handful of breaking changes, the biggest of which would occur if a user upgrades to Podman 4.0, then downgrades to Podman 3.x. This is due to some changes in the Podman database schema. That’s an unlikely scenario though, but you’ve now been warned.

Learn more: https://cloud.redhat.com/blog/podman-4.0-arrives

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